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Enjoy handmade gourmet food in a private room

The meals are made using ingredients from Shonai and Tsuruoka, and are a fusion of Masuya's original dishes based on Masuya from sister restaurants Kuhe and Tamaya.
Enjoy homemade dishes made with plenty of seasonal ingredients from the Yutagawa River in a private room.

Meal information

  • masuya dining Shunkashuto

    【Location】1st floor
    【Number of private rooms】6 rooms
  • Dinner

    ``When I come to Masuya Ryokan, I can't rest unless I eat this.”
    Please try our Ankake Sesame Tofu, which has many fans and can only be made by our service manager.

    The dinner menu for May is `` Moso Meal, '' which is only available for a limited time.
    You can enjoy the rich flavor and soft yet crisp Moso.

    【Venue】masuya dining Shunkashuto Private room
    【Dinner time】From 18:15 to 20:30
  • Breakfast

    【Venue】masuya dining Shunkashuto Private room
    【breakfast time】From 7:40 to 9:15
  • Drink menu

    Drinks for dinner are ordered and picked up at the drink counter, and we offer draft beer and craft beers from all over the country at reasonable prices.
    • Drink menu(Separate fee)


      Draft beer / Craft beer from all over the country / Local sake / Local wine / Various types of shochu, etc.

Ingredients from Shonai and Tsuruoka

  • Yoshizumi Farm"Hitomebore”

    Shonai is one of the nation's leading rice producers.
    Masuya's rice is made with rice from contracted farmer Yoshizumi.
    Enjoy fluffy, glossy rice!
  • Shonai vegetables

    Shonai has such an abundance of wonderful ingredients that it is called the "Food Capital of Shonai."
    Shonai also has many traditional vegetables unique to the region, called indigenous crops.

    "Tamida eggplant”"Mankichi eggplant”"Fujisawa turnip”"Atsumi turnip”"Tagawa turnip”"Sotonaijima cucumber”
    ``Dadacha beans'', `` Shonai persimmons'', ``Karadoriimo'', ``Motte no other'', ``Yudagawa Moso'', etc.
  • Seafood from Shonai Beach

    It is said that over 130 types of seafood are caught in Shonai.
    Cherry blossom trout and narrow-mouth flounder in spring, rock oysters and Japanese common squid in summer,
    In the fall, we have sandfish and salmon, and in the winter, we have cold cod, monkfish, etc.
  • Fruit Kingdom Yamagata

    Yamagata Prefecture is not only about cherries.
    Strawberries in spring, Shonai melons, blueberries, Obanazawa watermelons, peaches in summer,
    In autumn, Shonai persimmons, Kariya pears, LaFrance, various grapes, apples, etc.