【Official】Masuya Ryokan

Masuya is a more comfortable and delicious accommodation.

The entire building will be reopened in June 2023!
It has become a sister inn to "Kuhe Ryokan" and "Tamaya" located in the same Yutagawa Onsen.
While maintaining the good tradition and warmth of Masuya Ryokan, we welcome you with a new look and sophisticated hospitality.

Inside this facility/facilities

  • entrance

    When you enter the entrance, you will be greeted by the retro atmosphere of a nostalgic Showa inn.
    Expectations are high for the renovated and sophisticated interior.

    Check in at 14:00 and check out at 11:00, so you can relax and enjoy your stay.
  • counter(Front desk)

    "welcome! He came to me.”
    You will be greeted by a friendly front desk clerk (bank leader) and a service manager in charge of cooking.

    Masuya Ryokan are new, the homely atmosphere remains the same.
    Please feel relaxed and at home with your parents or relatives in your hometown.
  • chanoma lounge

    Please sit down and follow the check-in procedures here.
    During your stay, please relax like a tea room.
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Relax Beauty Salon

  • SPA therapy Aromadrops

    Aromatherapy is a natural therapy that has maximum effects on the mind and body.
    We provide our customers with a relaxing time of relaxation.
    Enjoy the ultimate healing time as a reward.
    Experience an aroma treatment that has a synergistic effect with the natural hot springs to soothe your mind and body.
    Male customers are also welcome.

    With safety and security as our main premise, we use luxurious gels rich in beauty ingredients with excellent moisturizing effects.
    We do everything by hand and provide the best care according to your physical condition.
  • arcobaleno ~arcobaleno~

    Relaxation chiropractic that incorporates myofascial release.
    It firmly grasps the body's trigger points (sensors in the body that cause pain) and relaxes them with gentle pressure, leading to a normal state.
    It helps improve and prevent stiffness, fatigue, coldness, and blood flow stagnation.
    After relaxing and warming up at Yutagawa Onsen, the treatment is highly effective!
    A combination course of kneading massage and oil foot reflexology is also available.
    If you require relaxation, please make a reservation at the front desk.
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Google Map

Hotel Name

Masuya Ryokan


63 Otsu, Yutagawa, Tsuruoka City, Yamagata Prefecture

Telephone number



25 minutes by bus from Tsuruoka Station, 3 minutes walk from Yutagawa Onsen bus stop.
By car: 10 to 15 minutes from Tsuruoka IC or Tsuruoka Nishi IC.
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Warm hospitality at a small inn

  • For those staying at Yutagawa Onsen Masuya Ryokan Ryokan

    Please feel at home at this facility.
    Masuya Ryokan is not flashy, but it has a calm atmosphere.
    This is an inn where you can spend a relaxing time with friends.

    A private bath that you can take whenever you like, a menu of Moso (seasonal) that the young husband picks from his own bamboo forest in the morning, and ankake dishes prepared by the service manager.

    Taking advantage of the advantages of being a small family-run inn, we provide our guests with the utmost care.
    Please spend a pleasant time at Yutagawa Onsen Masuya Ryokan.

Our staff

  • young service manager

    I am Masuya Ryokan.
    In order to please many fans,
    Masuya Ryokan's famous ankake dish was inherited from the great service manager.
    I love drawing and writing, so I'm always on the lookout for new stationery.
  • young master

    I have been married to a young service manager for over 30 years.
    My encounter with Menso began around that time.
    When I was an office worker, I would climb the mountain at dawn before commuting to work.
    The rhythm of my life was to dig around and head to work.
    Around 2006, I started working at Masuya Ryokan, and I kept digging and digging...
    I received a lot of guidance from everyone who visited the museum, and I was able to get my work done.
    His love for Mengso is so great that he wants to eat Mengsojiru every day.
  • large service manager

    My name is Masuya Ryokan, and I use a tablet to share information about the Yutagawa River at Masuya Ryokan Ichi.
    I love sewing together old kimonos and playing with fabric, and drawing local vegetables in pastels.
    We are having a great time and are having a great time with everyone in Yutagawa.
    We would like to offer our sincere hospitality to our customers who visit Yutagawa Onsen.

    At Masuya Ryokan, we use Moso, freshly dug in the morning from our own bamboo grove.
    We offer very delicious food.
    It is loved by many Mengso fans.
    We also incorporate plenty of seasonal ingredients from the Yutagawa River, so that you can enjoy them in a variety of seasons.


Please contact us if you have any questions.


【Reception hours】8:00 to 20:00